Issues you May Encounter with a Hot Water System Repair and How to Solve Them

Of all the maintenance and repair tasks a homeowner might encounter, the hot water system is one that is best left to the expert, who would be either an electrician or plumber. A typical electric hot water heating system would consist of an electrical element, which heats the water in the boiler, a thermostat, and a fan motor. Any of these can be replaced by a qualified electrician, who often works with water based systems, and would be as familiar with it as any plumber. Of course, if the unit happens to be gas powered, the plumber would be the person to call, although the majority of Australian homeowners use an electrical system.

Element Replacement

The water in the tank or boiler is heated by the element, and this will eventually have to be replaced, as it will require more energy to complete its task, which costs you more in the long term. Ideally, if you suspect your heating element to be defective, call in your local electrician, who would be able to fit a replacement. If you happen to live in the Perth area, there is an excellent company called Rhen Electrical, who carry out hot water system repairs at affordable prices, and they would be happy to quote for any electrical work you might need doing.

Thermostat Repair

It might be that the thermostat has seen better days and if this malfunctions, it can cause the water to be over heated, which is not only dangerous, it also uses far too much energy. In some cases, replacement is the better option, and a qualified electrician is the person to consult regarding this, as he can estimate the lifespan with a repair, and if it is more cost-effective to replace, he would advise you accordingly.

Fan Motor Replacement

This is the workhorse of the system and, like everything else, it has a lifespan. Regular inspections and testing would soon identify any motor issues, which would certainly affect performance, and therefore cost money. Sourcing these parts can be troublesome for the consumer, whereas the electrician would be able to acquire the right motor at trade prices.

Regular Servicing

Outside of the above components, there isn’t a lot that can go wrong with an electrical water heating system, and with regular servicing and the odd inspection, the system should give you many years of trouble-free service. In the event you are building your dream home and would like an energy efficient water heating system, the latest generation of electrical water heaters are designed to give optimum performance using very little energy, and your local electrician can quote you for any installation.

Certain things around the house are best left to the experts, unless, of course, you happen to be in the trade, and anything to do with electricity should be left in the capable hands of a qualified person, and an online search is the best way to source a local company.