Factors to Consider When Rewiring your Home

Rather than building a new home, there are many reasons why a homeowner would want to rewire the property, it might be an old building, and the copper wiring has seen better days, or you could be adding an extension, and decided to use this opportunity to have a complete rewiring done. Whatever your reason, there are a few essential things to take into account, such as the scope of the project, and your budget, along with the proposed timeline of the project.

  • Professional Assessment – Whatever the scope of the job, you will need a qualified electrician to inspect the property, and after a brief discussion with you, he would be able to quote for the contract. If, for example, a person lived in a suburb of Perth, and wanted a free quote on a rewiring job, an online search is the best place to start, and by ensuring the contractor is both qualified and certified, you can be sure of a first class job. If you think a quote is a little high, you can either seek a comparison or simply ask the contractor to justify the price.
  • Local Authority Inspection – If you live in Australia, the local authority has the right to inspect the wiring on completion, which is beneficial to the homeowner, as it verifies the standard of the work. Any qualified electrician would be aware of this and also, would be familiar with the practices, aiding a smooth process, enabling the project to be completed to schedule.
  • Your Budget – Obviously, this very much depends on the scope of the rewiring, but if you plan on using top quality materials, price should not be the primary focus. Rewiring is not something you ever want to repeat, and in order for the system to stand the test of time, premium materials are a must.
  • Power Point Locations – If you are rewiring the home, this is an excellent opportunity to add some essential power points around the house, which is something you should discuss with the electrician, and he can accommodate your needs.
  • Additional Lighting – Again, the rewiring is the ideal time to add some lighting, and with LED solutions, you can really change the interior ambience. While he’s there, you might want the electrician to put a wire under the lawn for some garden lighting, which should be waterproofed for obvious reasons.
  • Consider Future Needs – If you are planning to add an a/c unit in the future, a single phase system might be inadequate, and the electrician would recommend three phase, as this can handle the extra supply. Exactly how the voltage is converted within a building is a mystery to most, and a qualified electrician can work out your power requirements and advise accordingly, and by having more capacity than you need, additional appliances will not stress the system.

Providing you seek out a qualified electrician, the rewiring should be up to scratch, and will give you and your family many years of trouble-free use.

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