Counter and Cabinet Lighting Solutions for your Bathroom and Kitchen

If you are planning a major home renovation anytime soon, your focus will eventually fall to the lighting, which is one field that has seen some dramatic developments in recent years, with the emergence of the Light Emitting Diode (LED). This innovative method of illumination considerably reduces the amount of energy used, saving Australian homeowners a fortune, and to add to that you have the wide range of hues and shades available. The current trend is for a combination of pendant and cabinet lighting in the kitchen, with subtle wall and counter lights in the bathroom, and this is easily handled by a qualified electrician, who could design the perfect layout.

Abreast with Technology

Most of us have trouble keeping up with the very rapid pace of development, and we would not be aware of the current lighting options, whereas someone who works in the trade will have catalogues for all types of lighting.  The majority of an electrician’s work is fitting new lighting in homes, while the remainder of the time, he is repairing issues, and with his vast experience, simply explain your concept and he will source the right fittings.

Countersunk Units

These make the room look a little futuristic, and with subtle hues and a dimmer switch, a range of lighting options are available at the touch of a button. Remote lighting is all the rage these days, and with motion sensors, there’s no need to turn on anything, although this would not be suitable for an interior environment and would be well-suited for the far reaches of the garden. Stainless steel or bushed aluminium frames that are just under the surface make for the ideal counter lighting at the rear of the work surfaces, and with some adhesive backed LED strips along the underside of the wall cabinets, you have soft but practical lighting.

LED Pad Lights

Turing on the light has never been this easy, with simple touch pads that activate the unit, and because LED requires minimal power, you can even buy “stick and click” battery powered units that last for months. The reality is, there are virtually no limits to what you can do with modern lighting, and only a qualified electrician would be able to show you all the options.

Online Inspiration

Fortunately, one no longer has to trawl around the shopping malls, looking for ideal lighting, as a simple google image search will reveal literally thousands of concepts, and with the help of your local electrician, you can perfect the lighting throughout the house, as well as the bathroom and kitchen. Interior design magazines all have a strong online presence, and visiting a few websites would certainly open up the possibilities, and once you have seen the ideal fittings, let your electrician purchase them, as he will get a trade discount, saving you money.

The potential for creating something stunning with your new lighting has now arrived, and with a qualified electrician advising you, the new home look will soon be complete.